Alii Shores Newfoundlands

Kaneohe, Hawaii







A brief history by Ursula Yee...

My love and devotion to the Newfoundland breed began in 1970 when I purchased a male puppy from the first Newfoundland litter that was born in Hawaii.  His parents were imported from the Shipshape and Dryad Kennels.  Unfortunately, our pup, Leo, was dysplastic.  He was neutered and lived comfortably to age 9.  In 1972, a black female from Pouch Cove Kennels was acquired by Leo's breeder and lived with me after the mandatory 120 day quarantine period in Hawaii.  It was decided to breed this female the Ch. Little Bear's Breakaway which resulted in a litter of 9 puppies in 1975.  This was the beginning of Alii Shores Newfoundlands.  Since then, other Newfs from kennels in Canada and the USA were imported and participated in the Alii Shores breeding program.   In 1980, 4 year old Outtrail's Abi Gail Adams (OFA-535), a lovely black female joined the kennel.  My Newfs today still possess many qualities from Abi Gail, whom I consider to be my foundation female.  She passed her superb intelligence, water abilities, whelp nurturing, conformation, temperament and other good traits on to her offspring.

My emphasis has always been to raise and keep the strongest females and breed them to carefully selected stud dogs.  Considering that Hawaii is a remote place for breeding Newfoundlands, my foremost concern is the health aspect of the animals.  Over the years, I fortunately have been successful in breeding sound dogs that conformed to the standard of the breed.  Alii Shores Newfoundland breeding stock are hip and elbow radiographed, OFA certified, heart cleared by a Veterinarian Cardiologist, and eyes cleared.  Colors available are black and Landseer.

Among the outstanding dogs that contributed greatly to my breeding program was Ch. Topmast Hi Tide O' Alii Shores, a Landseer from Topmast Kennels in Canada, and Ch. Black Venture HMS Alii Shores, a dominant black male that gave his offspring a lot of style and elegance in graceful motion.  Black Venture was the play buddy of the neighborhood's children until his final days at 12 years of age.  Other great Newfs are Alii Shores Special Delivery (ROM), an Abi Gail daughter by Tribute to Piper Alii Shores (Landseer), and Ch. Alii Shores Madam Keeley (OFA, OFEL, Heart Cleared), now 5 years old.

At age 3, Ch. Alii Shores Chief Eagle Plume, call name Linus, had an excellent show record in 1996.  Linus was the number 1 Newfoundland and the number 5 working dog for 1996 in the Hawaii system of shows.  His half brother, Shaquille, was the number nine working dog.  Linus's half sister, Ch. Alii Shores Madam Keeley also showed well and took the Best of Breed title in the Hawaii Newfoundland Specialty among other awards in 1996.

As of 1996, Alii Shores Kennels has 32 Champions and 6 obedience titled Newfoundlands on record.

Newfoundlands, being family dogs are not usually kept in kennels.  In order to provide proper attention and environment, I limit myself to maintaining only 8 adults at any time.  This also includes retirees who have the time of their lives playing in the ocean and getting sunburnt.  The upkeep of a Newf in Hawaii's warm climate is a challenge.  Their coats do not grow as thick and long with very little undercoat.   They shed twice a year with tufts blowing in the trade winds all year long.   Fleas and brown dog ticks are a year round nuisance.  Fortunately, newly developed products are available to keep these pests under control.

To prepare and get a Newf in show condition means a bath every week and exercise during the cooler morning and evening hours.  While I do let the dogs go swimming in the ocean, it does mean taking time out for a thorough fresh water rinse and drying.   However, too much sun will burn the dog's coat and leave a reddish tinge.   Show judges have complimented my dogs on their condition and quality.  I exhibit my dogs at a number of All Breed Shows and at our annual Newfoundland Specialty.   There are 20 All Breed Shows each year with 12 in Honolulu, Oahu, 6 on the island of Hawaii and 2 on Maui.

Alii Shores Newfoundlands have traveled worldwide, from Singapore to Holland, to Paris and Japan.  Several have gone to Australia and New Zealand and a promising youngster now lives in Buenos Aires.  For me, breeding Newfoundlands has become a lifetime passion.  I love and admire this noble breed that gives so much of themselves in return.