Alii Shores Newfoundlands



Aloha from Alii Shores Newfoundlands!

Ursula Yee raised Newfoundland dogs on the shores of Oahu since 1970.  They thrived in the warm sun of the paradise island.

It all started with Leo, who was from the first Newfoundland litter born in Hawaii.  He was quite the big black dog in the neighborhood!  Shortly there after, Ulla was purchased from Pouch Cove and brought to Hawaii.  She lived for 12 years and was a prominent figure in the Yee household.

Ursula started Alii Shores Newfoundlands in 1975 with Ulla's first litter.  Since that time, she imported additional Newfoundlands from the following kennels: Outtrails, Topmast, Mastway and Schooners.  On his way to Australia, Ch. Spillways Caleb (ROM) stopped by and produced two litters.  Many more generations of Newfoundland dogs have lived in Kaneohe, Hawaii. 

Thank you for visiting. We are no longer breeding Newfoundland dogs.

If you are interested in a puppy, please visit the Newfoundland Club of America. There you can find a lot of information about Newfoundland puppies.